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We provide certification, testing services and research guidance for all fields of research.  Whether its Materials, Chemicals or finished products. We help product developers and quality managers get the information they need about their products. We can help with Chinese certifications and all kind of testing with in China


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Catestlabs are a leading service provider for laboratory analysis and testing services. Catest has provided services for product developers, researchers and quality controllers across all industries since 2013. We work with researchers, scientists and engineers to develop a prosperous future for all humanity. Our team includes multiple researchers gathered from a wide array of fields. Catest aims to provide the most professional and reliable services. Our team works day and night, 24/7 for customer satisfaction and the development of these techniques. We provide all kinds of testing services from China. We are your most reliable partner in China. Product development or to be a liaison for multi-team projects. Now you can do all experimentation of your sample from the same place.

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Collaboration with internationally ranked universities with the most respected and well-known facilities which are trusted and well known for their peer-reviewed works. Our laboratories are facilitating renowned researchers all over the world since 2013. Catest aims to provide the easiest and most professional services to their customers.

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