Ultraviolet/Visible/near infrared spectrophotometer

UV-Visible-Near Infrared spectrophotometry (UV-Vis-NIR) is a non-destructive, visual characterization method used to determine solid and liquid reflection, absorption, and transmission. It could be used to improve complex optical simulation or to produce quick, precise observations of common optical characteristics.

Samples of Requirements:

  • Acceptable solids, liquids, and powders.
  • 100 nm to 1 um thick for layer thickness measurements.
  • The sample size limit varies, ranging from 4 × 4 mm to several cm2.


  • Suitable for measuring the levels of a vast scope of solutes in solution.
  • Analyte quantification in solutions utilizing UV/VIS/NIR is less complicated and time-consuming than chromatographic analysis.


  • Interactions may be produced by other elements in the solution.
  • Procedures of chromatographic analysis are much more precise than UV/VIS/NIR methods.
  • There are certain criteria for sample size and sample volume.

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