2D NMR experiments


2D NMR spectroscopic measurements for samples that can be dissolved in typical deuterated solvents. Most typical experiments: COSY, TOCSY, ROESY, NOESY, HMBC, HSQC. Prices include sample preparation, deuterated solvent (D2O, DMSO-d, or CDCl3), NMR tube, measurement, and basic data processing. The processed spectrum is delivered as an image file. Raw data is also delivered. Please contact Measurlabs experts if your samples require the use of uncommon deuterated solvents or exotic measurement conditions, such as very high temperatures and/or long measurement times. Prices vary with the chosen experiment, presented price is the starting price.

Suitable sample matricesOrganic samples, small molecules, polymersMinimum sample amount100 mgTypical turnaround time2 weeks after receiving the samplesQuality systemMeasurlabs validated methodDevice familiesNMR