Dr. Tian Zhenyu

Dr. Tian Zhenyu


  • NameProfessor Dr. Tian Zhenyu
  • DepartmentAdvanced Technology Laboratory
  • Discipline categoryCombustion Chemistry, Microgravity Combustion and Catalytic Combustion
  • OfficeInstitute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,11 Beisihuanxi Road, Beijing 100192, People’s Republic of China

Education and Appointments:

  • Prof. Tian got his PhD at University of Science and Technology in 2008. Then he did postdoc at CNRS in France (2008-2010) and worked in Bielefeld University as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow and group leader (2010-2013). From August 2013 until now, he works at Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences as a full professor. From 2015, he also works at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Research Direction:

  1. Combustion chemistry of aviation fuels, nitrogen-containing fuels and its components; 
  2. Micorgravity combustion; 
  3. Catalytic combustion and abatement of volatile organic compounds. 

Projects: About 30 projects, including MOST, NSFC, MIIT and CAS are or have been performed. 

Up to April, 2021, more than 110 SCI-indexed papers (CNF/PCI > 35) have been published with about 2300 citations. H-index is 25. Two book chapters have been published. Moreover, 15 patents have been applied, in which 5 were authorized.

Representative Works:

  1.  W. Li, J.Z. Yang, L. Zhao, D. Yu, Z.Y. Tian*, Pyrolysis investigation of n-propylamine with synchrotron photoionization and molecular-beam mass spectrometry, Combust. Flame, 232 (2021) 111511. 
  2. Z.H. Jin, J.T. Chen, S.B. Song, D.X. Tian, J.Z. Yang, Z.Y. Tian*, Pyrolysis of a three-component surrogate jet fuel, Combust. Flame, 226 (2021) 190-199.
  3. J.T. Chen, Z.H. Jin, W. Li, K.R. Jin, S.B. Song, J.Z. Yang, Z.Y. Tian*, Experimental and kinetic modeling study of benzyl alcohol pyrolysis, Combust. Flame, 231 (2021) 111477. 
  4. Z.H. Jin, J.T. Chen, W. Li, S.B. Song, J.Z. Yang, Z.Y. Tian*, Pyrolysis of 2-methylfuran/jet fuel surrogate blends: An experimental and kinetic modeling study, Combust. Flame, 232 (2021) 111509. 
  5. Z.H. Jin, D. Yu, Y.X. Liu, Z.Y. Tian*, S. Richter, M. Braun-Unkhoff*, C. Naumann, J.Z. Zhong, An experimental investigation of furfural oxidation and the development of a comprehensive combustion model, Combust. Flame, 226 (2021) 200-210. 
  6. L.N. Wu, Z.Y. Tian*, W. Qin, Mechanistic study of the CO oxidation reaction on the CuO (111) surface during chemical looping combustion, Proc. Combust. Inst., 38 (2021) 5289-5297. 
  7. L.N. Wu*, Z.Y. Tian*, W. Qin, X.Y. Hu, C.Q. Dong, Understanding the effect of CaO on HCN conversion and NOx formation during the circulating fluidized combustion process using DFT calculations, Proc. Combust. Inst., 38 (2021) 5355-5362. 
  8. D.X. Tian, Y.X. Liu, B.Y. Wang, Z.Y. Tian*, A merged kinetic mechanism study of two aviation surrogate fuels, Fuel 289 (2021) 119767. 
  9. M. Waqas, A. El Kasmi, L.N. Wu, M.F. Arshad, W. Qin, Z.Y. Tian*, Catalytic combustion of CO over Cu-doped iron oxides: CO2 effects on activity, Fuel 289 (2021) 119760. 
  10. P.M. Kouotou*, M. Waqas, A. El Kasmi, Z Atour, Z.Y. Tian*, Influence of Co addition to support Co-Ni mixed oxide catalyst toward the deep oxidation of low-rank unsaturated hydrocarbons at low temperature, Appl. Catal. A: Gen., 212 (2021) 117290.

Awards and Honors

  1. Bernard Lewis Fellowship 
  2. Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship 
  3. Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts 
  4. WU zhonghua Outstanding Scholarship 
  5. Beijing Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar 
  6. Zhuliyuehua Excellent Teacher 
  7. K.C. Wong leading talents programme of Chinese Academy of Sciences 
  8. China Industry-university-research Cooperation and Innovation Award