Industrial CT

Industrial CT scanning, is a testing procedure that uses radiography techniques to obtain and quantify volumetric information in three dimensions. Industrial CT scanning can acquire actual information on metallic and non-metallic samples, rigid and fibrous materials, and objects with smooth or uneven surfaces.


Industrial CT Working Principle:

Industrial CT scanning functions similarly to digital radiography in that X-rays targeted at the test material are captured to different degrees based on its density. When residue radiation strikes a sensor, it creates a monochrome image. CT scans generate images by revolving the sampling unit 360 degrees, resulting in a lot of different images. These images have been used to generate a 3D model, which may then be evaluated with analytical equipment or developed in Design tools.

Suitable Materials for Scanning:

Industrial CT scanning is appropriate for practically all materials, however, it is especially effective for:

  • Glass fiber reinforced plastics  
  • Carbon fiber reinforced plastics
  • Aluminum


  • Non-destructively obtains an object’s internal structure
  • Internal dimensions are produced with high precision.
  • All shapes and dimensions are compatible.
  • There is no need for post-processing.
  • Exceptional quality

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