Proving Your Product is REACH Compliant

April 29,2022 | Blog

Proving Your Product is REACH Compliant

The REACH regulation covers the majority of chemicals produced and imported into the European Union and the United Kingdom, with the goal of protecting human health and the environment in which the chemicals are handled. The documentation’s purpose is to allow thorough risk identification and management. All producers and importers who bring more than one ton of a chemical to market each year are subject to the rule. REACH testing provides a variety of analytical methodologies for determining the substances that must be identified for REACH paperwork. REACH testing services assess a product’s intended use and projected life in order to assist you to offer quality and achieve compliance in an easy manner.

Using a third-party inspection business to prove your product is REACH compliant is a good idea. A dependable and efficient inspection company can assist you in consulting with your clients about the chemical substances used in your products, including conducting SVHC screening tests, conducting process audits, providing technical support, and even providing REACH awareness training programs, all of which serve the sole purpose in an efficient manner. Knowing that the raw materials you employ in your productions are fit and suitable for their intended purpose is an important step for every product category’s maker. REACH testing will assist you in reducing the risks, failures, and maintenance of your products so that your customers can feel more confident in using them.

REACH testing is a service provided by Catest to guarantee that your firm complies with REACH regulations. Chemicals can be evaluated in chemicals, electrical and electronic items, motors, fabrics, shoes, leather, and accessories. Other testing services include consumer items, RoHS testing, CPSIA testing, and ISTA packaging testing, to name a few. Our team of experts is always ready to assist and deliver services in an effective manner.

Understanding Reach Testing Requirements :

REACH specifies methods for gathering and evaluating information on a substance’s qualities and dangers in a proper manner. Companies must give adequate information on substances they make or import, including documentation as well as analytical information proving the structure and composition of the substances, to comply with the rule and be authorised to bring the chemical to market. REACH has the potential to affect a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries, including some that may not consider themselves to be chemical manufacturers. Manufacturers of and dealing with chemicals, in particular, will need to ensure compliance with REACH.

Catest :

Catest has many years of experience in quality assurance, meeting global and regional standards and is ready to assist your company in developing a solid quality assurance plan. Our numerous service locations are ready to serve as your one-stop shop for all your testing needs, providing you with more knowledge on the materials you use and bespoke testing to ensure compliance with customer specifications, regional, and international standards. For production monitoring, pre-shipment and sorting inspections, and everything in between, go no further than Catest. For the best testing services and guidance through current quality control difficulties, contact us today.

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